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Many organizations struggle with the increasingly complex nature of their software solutions.

Software integration, data consistency and assuring proper discipline in change management require significant organizational buy in and robust digital capabilities to achieve.

Whether you are just starting your first DevOps initiative, are striving to improve your software testing practices or are looking to fully enfranchise cyber security best practices into your software pipeline, Ampersand should be your Technology Service Provider of choice.

We are experienced in delivering enterprise software solutions including:

  • Front end user interfaces, including mobile apps
  • Backend database and application programming interface (API) solutions
  • Software integration and data consistency architectures (enterprise service bus, microservice architecture)
  • Business intelligence reporting, including machine learning and analysis
  • Intelligent call center solutions, with AI enhanced capabilities

Future in Digital Transformation

If your organization is spending time talking about hardware warranties, data storage footprints, server inventories, software patching cycles, firewall auditing and when the next outage will occur, you are missing out. Instead, by partnering with a Technology Service Provider, you can uplift your citizen technologists by freeing them to discuss how business will become more efficient, business intelligence more actionable, employees more capable and operations more profitable.

Do your citizen technologists have the right focus not to miss out on the future of your business?

Digital Process Enablement

We are living in a β€œBorn in the Cloud” world, where mid-career professionals cannot remember a time when cloud enabled technologies for storage, collaboration and analysis were not available. However, these technologies come with risks you cannot afford to ignore.

Unsanctioned data storage, rogue applications and the risk of a data breach cannot be ignored. However, we should not look backward to the past in solving these problems or simply β€œlock down” your environment. Instead, we must build technology capabilities to responsibly manage a wide ecosystem of tools while assuring compliance with both security policy and regulation.

Ampersand has a proven record of successful cloud and digital process enablement for our clients, with a methodology that provides security protections built in from day one, not as an after the fact add on.