Hybrid Cloud, Disaster Ready

Advanced Hybrid Cloud Data Center

Cloud solutions promise a path to greater efficiency and innovation, but often fail to deliver. While providing a wealth of innovative solutions and unprecedented scalability, most cloud solutions are not less costly than their traditional counterparts with many being significantly more expensive to operate long term.

If hidden fees, costly bandwidth services, end to end latency or data sovereignty are plaguing your cloud adoption strategy, Ampersand can help you craft a comprehensive hybrid cloud solution to help you avoid the pitfalls of cloud adoption while moving your application portfolio forward.

In partnering with MTA Fiber Holdings and the AlcanONE network, we are uniquely positioned to delivery industry leading connectivity and game changing hybrid cloud services.

Avoid Cloud Pitfalls

Your applications and technology rely on solid infrastructure systems, but while hyperscale cloud solutions offer flexibility they are often rife with hidden costs and overage fees which can materially impact your operating budget.

We believe that adopting cloud solutions does not have to involve complex calculus or exploitative β€œegress data fees”. Instead, we offer a hybrid solution leveraging the best capabilities of the cloud with cost effective connectivity and hosting options. Further, we couple this with an easy to understand billing model which lets you assure that you are delivering true business value from your technology assessment.

If you are interested in an enterprise grade regional cloud or other Data Center services, visit AlasConnect.


Private & Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Leverage managed hosting solutions to scale your applications and reduce risk.