Make better business decisions with better data insights.

The cost of poor data quality is roughly $12.8 million per year for organizations around the world.

Businesses today have access to enormous amounts of data, but capitalizing on this data remains a challenge for many organizations. From data silos to bad quality data, if you don’t have a sophisticated data management practice in place, you’ll struggle to create real value from your data.

Eventually, mismanaged data will hurt your business.

When your data’s under control, you reap immeasurable benefits.

New opportunities

Big data is exciting, but data that’s not aggregated and managed well can be overwhelming and useless. A comprehensive data management solution allows you to merge data from isolated sources like your ERP and CRM systems to give you critical big-picture insights your team can actually act on.


Automated manual reporting processes means real-time data 24/7.

Manual processes restrict access to real-time data. Manual reporting is slow and, in a rapidly changing world, it can lead to missed opportunities. Access to real-time data allows your team to react and respond quickly.

Optimize business operations by leveraging vast amounts of data

Identify inefficiencies in your organization and develop a detailed roadmap with our help and resources. Turn manual, repetitive processes into automated processes through the power of AI and machine learning. Automating specific business processes frees up employees and resources to focus on higher-value work.


Intuitive reports for non-data scientists

Promote a data-driven culture by equipping your marketers, salespeople, and other frontline workers with reports they can easily navigate and act on. AI and machine learning algorithms can act as data scientists by doing the heavy lifting of data analysis and letting non-data scientists find what they need more easily.

How Ampersand can help

We help our clients with business intelligence reporting, which includes machine learning solutions and analysis. Our solution will help:

 Consolidate data into powerful, dynamic dashboards and reports that even non-technical people can understand 

 Free up time. Searching for what you need through fragmented data sources takes a long time.

 Improve sales, marketing, advertising, and other operations. Business intelligence reports can identify market trends, improve data-driven decision making, and reveal unexplored opportunities. 

Contact our business intelligence experts to find out more

With a team of over 60 highly skilled IT professionals in Alaska, we can provide extensive guidance regardless of where you’re at in your business intelligence journey.