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A digitally connected globe

Ready for today and prepared for tomorrow

Modern businesses must go where their customers are, which means your technology, applications and business process have to follow. While the emerging digital economy presents opportunities to grow, it also brings with it new risks.

Your business does not need to be held hostage by legacy technologies and applications. Similarly, you can provide next generation technology solutions for your workforce while maintaining the security of your data.

Whether you are considering deploying your Work From Home strategy for the first time or are looking to scale up a modern mobile workforce, Ampersand is your partner in delivering end to end, scalable technology solutions ready for a digital world.

Empower your human advantage

Many Information Technology (IT) organizations know that a majority of their time, effort and money go into simply โ€œkeeping the lights onโ€ with the status quo. Whether it is dealing with hardware and application lifecycle, staying ahead of security threats, or maintaining high customer satisfaction at your Help Desk, these are all vital functions for any IT organization. However, in todayโ€™s competitive business market, it is not enough to simply hold and maintain. Your organizationโ€™s technologists need to evolve into business leaders, driving forward strategic goals, fostering innovation at all levels of the organization, and delivering measurable results.

Your people are your greatest technology asset and investment, are you empowering them fully?

Technology Adoption & Sustainment

Deploying technology solutions and maintaining them should not be a chore. Many Managed Service Providers (MSP) exist which are proficient at installing servers, upgrading networks, and securing firewalls.

However, a true Technology Service Provider should be able to show you not only how your technology assets will be deployed, but also how they will be leveraged fully to your benefit and sustained in the long term so as to not become a liability.

Ampersand provides a full array of operation, maintenance and sustainment services including our unique Evergreen Infrastructure solution, backed with the complete support of our service delivery organization.


Technology Sustainment Services

Assisting small and medium businesses to get up and running quickly with their streamlined technology needs.

Security Program Enablement

Whether meeting security best practices or developing a robust security program to address complex compliance needs, we can help.

Technology Strategy Enablement

Providing a full scale digital strategy for your organization and the outcome driven experts to achieve it.