Digital migrations made easy

Any workload migration risks the chance of misplacing information or breaching data security. And in today’s digital-first world, any cloud migration strategy should be approached thoughtfully and carefully.

Whether you’re moving workloads from your data center to the cloud or on-premise to Microsoft 365, we have various migration solutions to meet your needs.

Our Services

Cloud Migration

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions when migrating to the cloud. We’ll help you identify your key data points and create the best strategy for your business together.

Data Center Strategy

What interdependencies exist between the applications you use every day? Should you maintain them in an on-site data center or within the private cloud? We’ll help you explore these questions and more to create your best data center strategy.

Microsoft 365 Migration

Maximize your investment in Microsoft 365. As Microsoft Gold Partners, we’ll help you consolidate all of your data to one unified platform. We can help with everything from migrating your email to Microsoft 365 to migrating users from on-premise to Microsoft 365.

Why consider cloud migration services at all?

Maximum speed and efficiency for minimal disruption

Seamlessly migrate data, applications, and workloads to the cloud without sacrificing much (or any) uptime—for the rest of time.

Identify and address interdependencies before they affect your migration

Interdependencies that aren’t identified until after the fact lead to major delays and added downtime.

Protect your data and workloads

Our experienced IT teams follow a security-centric approach to securely migrate your applications to the cloud, ensuring minimal risk of data corruption.

Future-proof your business with cloud migration services

Ampersand can help with the cloud migration process end-to-end or assist your in-house team depending on your needs. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • ✔ Planning, strategy and/or execution
  • ✔ On-premise to cloud migration
  • ✔ Various migration tactics, including cloud mass migration
  • ✔ Migrating infrastructure to the cloud
  • ✔ Migrating applications to the cloud
  • ✔ Migration from a public cloud to a private cloud
  • ✔ Database migration to the cloud

Planning a migration soon?

Schedule a call with our team of migration consultants and experts who can help you with various deployment options. We’ll help you with the migration process end-to-end while ensuring your business experiences minimal disruption.