Focus on the future of your business; leave the IT to us.

From ensuring compliance with government regulations to empowering your team with the right tools and support, collaborating with an IT partner frees up you and your best people for more strategic initiativesโ€”like the future of your business.

What to expect from our Managed IT Services

Predictable IT expenses

Enjoy the benefits of a fixed-price contract with a sincere IT partner. (That means we only make a profit when you don't have problems.)

Whether you need assistance remotely or in-office, you don't pay extra for the support and technology assistance you deserve.

Business partners reviewing reports showing predictable costs.

Keep your business environment free from viruses and other threats

Endpoints like computers and servers are vulnerable targets for intruders. Traditionally, endpoint monitoring relied on known threat information, leaving organizations vulnerable to new or complex threats, but our advanced endpoint monitoring goes beyond basic antivirus software.

We leverage new proactive technology to keep your business safer today and from tomorrow's unknown threats.

A technician performing maintenance on fiber optic cables connecting to a server.

Ensure business applications are always reliable and optimized

Ongoing maintenance ensures your applications are constantly updated, secure, and optimized with the latest features to meet evolving user expectations.

Our comprehensive application maintenance service ensures your applications are continually operating at peak performance.

Managed Services, not just "Break Fix"

Your business relies on dependable IT systems, so why settle for reactive support when your IT team can provide proactive intervention.

Don't wait for your IT systems to crash or halt, we provide proactive monitoring and response to intervene before you even know there is a problem.

More Information

Cloud & IT Migration

Migrating workloads should be done thoughtfully to experience minimal disruption. See how Ampersand can help you end-to-end with various migrations and strategies.

Firewall Management

Complete support for your edge firewall and distributed workforce providing access anywhere, and security everywhere.

Network Management

No business can afford network downtime, we provide full stack network operation and optimization.

Security Operations Center

The security landscape is full of threats 24/7, so our Security Operations Center provides coverage and fully managed response.

Server & Application Management

Whether your application is hosted on a local server or in the cloud, our team can help optimize performance and keep it secure.

Remote & On-Site Support

Our team of expert technicians provide repair & support where you need it, whether remotely or on-site at your location.