Be ready with a plan when disaster strikes

Every day, 20 companies nation-wide are affected by data breaches. And while you may not think your business could be targeted, think again. 100% security is a myth. Being proactive in your data backup and disaster recovery plan could mean the difference between a small amount of website downtime and significant data loss.

As technology continues to change, your data needs do, too. We can help reduce the chances that your organization will become just another statistic of the catastrophic effects of massive data loss.

Be prepared with on-site and off-site backup

A major part of preparing for a disaster is having a robust data backup procedure in place. Ampersand can eliminate any guesswork involved in planning an effective data backup and disaster recovery strategy.

For organizations, this means:

Restoring accidentally or improperly deleted files

Restoring files that were corrupted or damaged as a result of hardware or software failure

Restoring corrupted or stolen documents that were affected by a malicious party or hacker (e.g., ransomware)

The benefits of backup and recovery in the cloud

Recover critical infrastructure, applications, and data quickly by accessing your systems remotely in a secure virtual environment. Recovering systems in the cloud are quicker than a traditional off-site backup because thereโ€™s no hardware involved. Itโ€™s also more cost-effective than holding servers and hardware in a separate location as backup.

Part of a solid business continuity plan

Data backup and disaster recovery are a fundamental part of a business continuity plan, saving you time and money.


Ensure compliance

Organizations with complex regulation or compliance needs must have comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plans in place with aggressive RPOs.

Why Ampersand?

Some of the largest enterprises take advantage of Ampersandโ€™s data center facilities and services as part of their data backup and disaster recovery plan.

We take care of disaster recovery planning, implementation, and regular testing. We also can assist with setting up automated disaster recovery to relieve pressure off stressed employees when the time comes.

How confident are you in the effectiveness of your data backup plan and disaster recovery plan? When was the last time you ran a simulation to test it?

If you need help forming an appropriate data backup and disaster recovery plan, schedule a call with our team of IT experts who are ready to help you prepare.