Data is the new oil

The modern world’s mantra suggests that data has replaced oil as the most valuable resource in the world. Whether or not you believe this to be true, deciding where to store and process your company’s data is more than important—it’s vital to your reputation.

Today, you have various options ranging from private clouds to public clouds and from on-premise data centers to colocation data centers. Most of the time, the best solution includes a mixture of various storage options to address your unique needs.

When it comes to the cloud, Alaska has unique geographic needs.

Amazon, Microsoft, and other major cloud providers have servers across multiple data centers in the lower 48.

Unfortunately, the closest server is far enough away from Alaska to cause performance problems in critical applications, particularly real-time application and video communications.

Ampersand has the solution.

That’s why it’s important to choose a data center that leverages the new AlCan ONE all-terrestrial fiber network, which connects Alaska to major US hubs and improves Alaska’s connectivity.

Our capability is unique in that it connects our Data Center to the world, without relying on sub-sea cables which are prone to costly repairs and outages.

We simplify your tech to help you transform your data center platform

Get high-performing, reliable internet connection

Ampersand operates four data center facilities in Alaska. Our data centers connect to the AlCan ONE network, putting us in a unique position to deliver industry-leading connectivity and game-changing managed hosting services for companies in Alaska.

We offer various infrastructure options to meet your needs, including a hybrid cloud solution that merges the benefits of on-premise physical infrastructure, private cloud, and public cloud.

The cloud allows you to easily and quickly scale IT resources to match demand and growth. In the past, when the only option to scale physical data center infrastructure, the process was costly and could take months.

Whether you are looking to auto-scale your application in real time, contain costs by using transient environments to test new features, or simply want to host your applications and data in a secure facility let us help you!

Scale your applications quickly

Maintain data security

Meet regulatory compliance requirements and protect sensitive data. Although the public cloud has many clear advantages, data security is not always one of them. Leverage our expertise in cloud migration to assure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your most critical data and applications without putting your organization at risk.

If you are looking to comply with complex data security regulations (PCI-DSS, CMMC, FIPS, FISMA, CJIS) we can deploy a purpose built secure computing enclave for these critical data assets.

The cloud enables remote work, stronger collaboration, and easier data sharing. Multiple people can now access the same document from opposite ends of the earth. Additionally, many cloud applications are built to integrate with other applications for easier data sharing capabilities.

Empower your team

Empower developers

Empower your developers with on-demand computing services for a fraction of the cost of maintaining the platform on-premise. We host everything. Take advantage of our significant investments in compute, data center networks, and storage backed by our world-class support.

You shouldn’t have to do complex calculus to understand your cloud solution investment. We offer an easy-to-understand billing model so that you can confidently realize the true business value of the cloud.

No hidden fees

Avoid cloud pitfalls

Cloud solutions promise a path to greater efficiency and innovation but often fail to deliver. Many cloud offerings end up becoming significantly more expensive to operate long-term than their traditional counterparts, which can significantly impact your operating budget.

If hidden fees, costly bandwidth services, performance problems, or data security concerns are plaguing your cloud adoption strategy, Ampersand can help you craft a comprehensive hybrid cloud solution to help you avoid the pitfalls of cloud adoption while still leveraging the flexibility and scalability of the cloud.

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