🚀 Get started with CodyFrame

Follow these 3 steps to kick-start your project:

  1. Import components from the CodyHouse UI Framework. To add a component to your project, create a new SCSS file (e.g., _{index}_{component-name}.scss) inside the "assets/css/components/" folder and paste in it the SCSS of the component. Create a new JS file (e.g., _{index}_{component-name}.js) inside the "assets/js/components/" folder and paste in it the JS of the component. You will find the index value in a comment in the SCSS/JS files of the component.
  2. Create your bespoke style (e.g., custom buttons and forms) using the Global Editors. To apply the custom style to your project, copy the SCSS generated by the editor and paste it in the corresponding file in the "main/css/custom-style" folder.
  3. Install one of our code editor extensions for HTML/CSS autocompletion.


For further help, check the documentation.