Microsoft Teams offers the best of traditional and next-generation VoIP

Many businesses are reconsidering how they will work in the future. Is work from home here to stay or a flash in the proverbial pan?

At the same time, many businesses feel the pain of being stuck with a legacy PBX telephone system running on outdated technology. Even many Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions don’t fully support mobility and genuinely unified communications, including persistent chat.

Is your communications platform introducing friction into your organization or helping your teams truly collaborate?

A Voice over IP telephone instrument.
What is VoIP?

Voice over IP is a communications technology allowing for the processing of voice calls (telephone) over Internet protocols. In this way, you can use your existing computer data network to handle phone calls, rather than dedicated building wiring and a traditional PBX telephone system.

A man using Unified Communications technology to video conference with his peers.
What is Unified Communications?

Unified Communications is an industry term combining traditional phone calling, conference calling, video calling (e.g., Zoom or Microsoft Teams), and instant messaging capabilities. Microsoft Teams provides even more extraordinary capabilities, including real-time document collaboration and co-editing, seamless connection to other Microsoft Office products, business application integration, and a suite of available productivity add-ons.

Ditch the hard-phone, increase satisfaction, lower cost

Did you know that one of the most significant single costs of replacing a legacy phone system is the handsets?

While some people are still more comfortable with a traditional desk phone in their office, many professionals embrace the use of integrated software (or “soft-phone”) on their PC or mobile device to make and receive business phone calls.

However, not all soft-phones are created equal. With Microsoft Teams, you can harness the best web conferencing and world-class collaboration capabilities while still addressing the need for traditional calling all in one place.

Microsoft Calling Plans are expensive!

One barrier to adoption for many organizations looking at pivoting to Microsoft Teams for their overall corporate phone system is the cost of Microsoft’s calling plans.

Microsoft Calling Plans - List Prices

  • $12 per month, per user for Domestic North America (NANP) calling plans
  • $24 per month, per user for International Long Distance calling plans

While these plans are flexible, easy to setup and offer phone numbers in hundreds of locations, they are not always cost effective.

However, with Microsoft Teams Direct Routing, you can connect your existing telephone provider’s service to the cloud, transparently to your end-users. You truly can have the best of both worlds with local telephone services and cloud-enabled unified communications!

Get a Session Border Controller

A Session Border Controller (SBC) is a device that bridges the connection from your local telephone service (even if it is delivered by plain old telephone (POTS) copper lines) to Microsoft Teams cloud services.

A port on a Session Border Controller, connecting local phone services to Microsoft Teams cloud services.
A port on a Session Border Controller.

Once this device is installed at your office location, connected to your business phone service from the local telephone company, it communicates via your broadband Internet connection with the Microsoft cloud.

Your business deserves world-class technology solutions at a cost that won’t break the bank.

I use a Mac, will Microsoft Teams really work for me?

Of course! Microsoft Teams is available on both macOS and Linux. No matter what platform you are most productive on, we can help deliver a seamless collaboration experience.

Better still, mobile apps for Microsoft Teams are available for both Android and iPhone.

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