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Ampersand is your Technology Service Partner to assist with onboarding and fully leveraging your investment in Microsoft 365 to achieve more.

A person assisting with a cloud data migration.
Microsoft 365 Migration

Pivot your technology systems, migrate your data, validate your security posture and assist your employees onboard successfully into Microsoft 365.

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Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Are you fully utilizing the Microsoft Teams communication platform? Our business consultants can help your teams see maximum benefit from this incredible tool.

Did you know?

Ditch the USB drive

If you are working from home or in locations with poor Internet connectivity,  Microsoft OneDrive  provides not only stores your personal working files, but also provides overall corporate file access with intelligent caching and check-in/check-out capabilities.

Protect yourself from account compromise

With  Conditional Access  and true  Multi-Factor Authentication , you can be assured that your access to critical business data is secure.

Stop relying on brittle file server permissions

With intelligent document encryption, permission enforcement, and global visibility, you can leverage  Azure Information Protection  to not only secure your Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents but also Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

One platform across all your devices

Whether you are using a PC, a Macbook Pro, an Android tablet, an iPad, or your phone, access Microsoft 365 across all your platforms. Better yet,  synchronize your data automatically between devices  to prevent the headache of a constant "data shuffle."

Automate data entry & repetitive tasks

 Microsoft Power Automate , part of the Microsoft 365 platform, allows your business to unlock the full potential of every person by allowing them to automate routine, menial, and repetitive tasks and freeing up time to pursue more valuable work. Consider what your team could achieve with  Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

Build the App you need today

Do you wish that your team had an App to allow them to capture data in the field from their mobile device, automatically transform paper forms into meaningful data fields or simply capture all the details quickly from a business card into your CRM?  Microsoft PowerApps  combines the power of a leading Low Code Development platform with the world-class Artificial Intelligence capabilities of  Azure Cognitive Services  within reach of every business.

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“Delivering exceptional outcomes that enable our clients to achieve their greatest ambitions through impeccable understanding, clarity of vision and attention to detail.”

As a Microsoft Gold Parnter, we assist our clients in driving maximum value from their investment in the Microsoft 365 platform. However, our core business is not reselling Microsoft products, but rather, it is helping you achieve your greatest ambitions using the best in world-class technology.

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