Avoid Broken Promises in Managed IT Support

Many organizations purport to provide predictable Managed IT Services, but fail to deliver on that promise. Costly call out fees, migration project expenses, and unexpected hardware upgrade costs break the promise of a truly fully managed IT infrastructure and support team.

Our service is designed to be inclusive and fully cover your technology needs from day one. More than a Managed Service Provider, we are a full-scale Technology Service Provider (TSP).

Common Frustrations

Not Fully Inclusive

Are you finding that in order to get the support you need, you have to pay extra? If you are paying a monthly service fee, but are still also paying one time "call out" or "dispatch" fees on top, where is the value?

You Buy Gear, We Just Support It

Is your technology provider trying to upsell you on a server, firewall or other network device? Are they really delivering a full scale solution or simply applying another costly band-aid to meet their sales quota?

You're not a vCIO, you're a sales person!

If your Virtual CIO (vCIO) is acting more like a sales person by trying to upsell you on products to make a quota rather than looking at real strategic outcomes for your business, you may not be getting the real insights you are looking for.

Ampersand is Different

Technology. Uniquely Human.

People in an office working together to solve a common problem.

We  believe that our clients deserve the level of interaction and support they want, where and when they need it, and not when it is most convenient for us. No matter whether you call us, email us, use our  web portal or even visit us in person, you will be met by a qualified and empathetic technologist who will do their best to hear you, understand your needs and help resolve the problem fully.

Inclusive, Full Coverage Support

Whether we assist you remotely or need to physically travel to your office, you don’t pay extra for support and technology assistance. As your partner we are financially incentivized to make sure you don’t have problems rather than showing up to “run the meter.”

We span across the full array of Information Technology domains, with expert teams focused on:

  •  Remote Support via our Client Services Team
  •  On-Site Repair and Troubleshooting
  •  Server Administration
  •  Network and Firewall Management
  •  Information Security Assessment
  •  Application and Cloud Migration
  •  Software development and integration
  •  Business process automation (BPA)

Within each of these domains, we bring the hard learned best practices we’ve accumulated to your Information Technology systems, so that you don’t have to re-learn the lessons of the past and can instead focus on where you go in the future.

Evergreen Technology Infrastructure

Our  Managed IT solution  includes a full technology stack delivered as an evergreen infrastructure and tailored to meet your specific needs. The servers, network equipment, security devices, firewalls, cloud services and other infrastructure you need is fully furnished, maintained, upgraded and warrantied by Ampersand so long as you are our client.

Strategic Technology Advisory Services

Our  Technology Enablement  and  Security Enablement  services provide the expert professional services you need to both meet today’s technology needs, but also be ready for the challenges you’ll face tomorrow. Our qualified Engineers are not sales people, they don’t work on commission, and have no other job than to find the right solution to fit your need, even if that isn’t a service or solution we provide in house!

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