Technology Leverage

Many organizations seek to leverage technology to help them deliver one or more core digital strategies:


Utilizing digital tools, techniques, and services to improve the efficiency of existing business processes. Normally this produces incremental process improvement and is a larger focus in mature business lines with established customer bases.


All organizations, at all levels of maturity must defend themselves from information security threats.


Developing new and innovated products, techniques, or processes, providing highly transformational outcomes for an organization. It is more common for these capabilities to be developed in newer business lines or those undergoing significant reinvestment.

However, according to a study by McKinsey & Company, over 70% of digital transformation efforts fail. There is no reason that your organization needs to re-learn the same lesson repeatedly. Ampersand can help you deploy effective digital strategies which deliver quantifiable outcomes, while guiding you away from potential pitfalls and non-productive pathways.