We make the benefits of technology uniquely human.

This is how we help you make better business decisions.

We are social tech nerds. We are devoted deep thinkers and passionate about people. We take the most complex business problems and adapt our technological solutions in a way that’s uniquely human to every business. And then we implement them right alongside you.

The benefits of technology aren’t always clear when the software and best practices are changing every year. Even with an IT Director and CTO, making the final call can be hard when you’re unsure how new tech will affect your customer experience, employee productivity, and bottom line.

We’re not here to replace your IT Director. We’re here to be their strategic partner.

We were born of the need for truly collaborative technology services.

We are more than just a team of tech nerds who can do what you ask us to. We are your strategic, collaborative partners—here to share ideas, try creative solutions, and celebrate your wins with you.

The future of tech is very bright, but it will not be realized without the leading businesses willing to implement new technologies.


None of this would be possible without a well-practiced leadership team, though. At every step in our company, our leadership is focused on actualizing Ampersand’s vision in every way.

Portrait of Aaron Bunker
Aaron Bunker

Vice President
Sales & Marketing

Portrait of EJ McCrea
EJ McCrea

Vice President

Portrait of Justin Burgess
Justin Burgess


Portrait of Keith Ziolkowski
Keith Ziolkowski

Vice President
Strategic Initiatives

Portrait of Robert Thurston
Robert Thurston

Chief Technology Officer

Portrait of Samantha Bolanos, CPA, CMA
Samantha Bolanos, CPA, CMA

Chief Financial Officer


To deliver exceptional outcomes that enable our clients to achieve their greatest ambitions through impeccable understanding, clarity of vision and attention to detail.


Our people are the backbone behind innovation. They aren’t just passionate thinkers, they’re avid doers. They have an affinity to developing technologies and are an intrinsic supporter of businesses. Joining our team is just the beginning to a deeper connection to technology.