Best IT jobs in Alaska (2022)

November, 30 2021

Best IT jobs in Alaska (2022)

If you’re considering a future in Information technology (IT), good news: IT jobs are expected to grow faster than any other occupation in the next decade. Specifically, we suggest you look into skills surrouding cloud computing, cybersecurity, and Big Data.

And because Alaska has a small workforce compared to most states in the lower 48, if you’re looking to start your career or get a new job in IT in 2022, the state offers plenty of opportunities.

Regardless of your reason for being interest — we’re excited you are! In fact, we’re currently hiring. To help you figure out what role may be best for you to move into, we’ve compiled a list of the best IT jobs you’ll find in Alaska.

Where to look for IT jobs within Alaska

As for location, there is a high concentration of IT jobs in Anchorage, Alaska, but other places to consider are Fairbanks and Juneau. To find these jobs, we’ve compiled a list of common and not-so-common job sites. Check it out.

Common job sites:

  • Monster
  • LinkedIn
  • Indeed
  • Dice

Less common, but effective job sites:

Other ways to find IT jobs in Alaska

  1. Check The Anchorage Daily News (ADN)
  2. Go straight to the job page of the specific company you’re interested in and see if they have an opening in Alaska (like Ampersand!)
  3. Alaska, like most states, has a job board run by the state. Check it out!

Top 10 best IT jobs in Alaska in 2022

1. Information Security Analyst

Average salary in Alaska: $91,390

USA job growth outlook 2020-2030: 33% (The national average is about 8%.)

Information security analysts play a critical role in data security planning and operations. Depending on the organization, you’ll work alongside security engineers or other intersecting positions to identify system vulnerabilities to mitigate or opportunities to improve security.

Your responsibilities in this role might look like:

  • Monitoring networks and computer systems for vulnerabilities and data breach attempts
  • Updating virus protection software
  • Analyzing data breaches
  • Penetration testing
  • Installing and managing firewalls

2. Information Security Engineer

Average salary in Anchorage, Alaska: $81,940

USA job growth outlook 2020-2030: 5-10%

Information security engineers play a huge role in identifying and addressing digital vulnerabilities before they become a problem. They are responsible for protecting against data breaches and for designing, implementing, and maintaining the security architecture.

Your responsibilities in this role might look like:

  • Staying up-to-date on the latest news to stay ahead of cybercriminals and vulnerabilities
  • Maintaining knowledge and researching constantly changing government regulations, particularly data security regulations that affect the business
  • Analyzing the security of data, networks, and systems
  • Guiding incident responses
  • Regularly consulting with clients and customers on their current security level

An Information Security Engineer standing in front of his work station.

3. Network Engineer

Average salary in Alaska: $82,451

USA job growth outlook 2020-2030: 4% (Slower than average)

Automation has affected the career in recent years. However, network engineers continue to be in-demand. Automation has only changed the way network engineers work today, it hasn’t replaced them.

Your responsibilities in this role might look like:

  • Designing, developing, and implementing the company’s network infrastructure
  • Installing and configuring routers, firewalls, switches, etc.
  • Ongoing network monitoring
  • Diagnosing and troubleshooting network problems
  • Designing and implementing specific solutions for customers

4. Database Administrator

Average salary in Alaska: $89,300

USA job growth outlook 2020-2030: 8% (As fast as average)

Database administrators are responsible for keeping database systems and servers running at peak efficiency and performance.

Your responsibilities in this role might look like:

  • Securing data assets
  • Helping users address database-related problems
  • Ensuring data is always available and easily accessible when needed
  • Ongoing database maintenance
  • Securely migrating data away from existing systems
  • Installing and configuring new databases
  • Ensuring database environments are highly available
  • Making sure databases are recoverable

5. Software Developer

Average salary in Alaska: $98,810

USA Job outlook 2020-2030: 22%

Software developers are often considered the creative minds behind many software programs. However, a typical day for a software developer includes a lot more than designing new applications and building new features.

In addition, typical responsibilities include:

  • Rewriting code
  • Collaborating with other technical positions on large-scale projects (e.g., operating systems, mobile applications)
  • Finding and fixing bugs
  • Fixing production issues
  • Meetings with other developers and relevant departments

6. Web Developer

Average salary in Alaska: $70,760

USA Job outlook 2020-2030: 13%

Web developers are split into three main roles: Back-end, front-end, and full-stack. The specific duties widely vary depending on which type of web developer you are. In general, web developers collaborate with the marketing team to make sure the website and other computer applications run smoothly and accomplish their goals.

Web developers ensure the front-end interface delivers a pleasant experience and that the backend systems function correctly. For example, a key responsibility for web developers is to make sure websites are always performing at peak capacity.

Other duties could look like:

  • Monitor website traffic
  • Create and test applications for websites
  • Work with graphics and other designers
  • Present design specs to leadership

7. IT System Administrator

Average salary in Alaska: $83,940

USA job growth outlook 2020-2030: 5%

System administrators are commonly called sysadmin, for short. In this role, you’ll regularly work with ticketing systems and the help desk positions to address IT issues across your organization.

In general, you’ll be responsible for system maintenance, end-user support, and training. More specifically, job responsibilities include:

  • Meetings with vendors and manufacturers
  • Making sure systems stay up and running
  • Providing dedicated IT support to internal employees and external customers, if applicable
  • Backing up data
  • Troubleshooting backup failures
  • Staying on top of upgrades and migrating from older software versions
  • Monitoring the health of systems to make sure everything is working
  • Keeping up-to-date with the newest threats

8. IT Business Analyst

Average salary in Anchorage, Alaska: Between $78,040 and $97,089

USA job growth outlook 2020-2030: 14%

Business analysts are typically responsible for gathering requirements from key stakeholders for projects and evaluating and reviewing the finished project.

Example responsibilities include:

  • Giving presentations on current progress
  • Tracking money and goals
  • Identifying ways to improve projects
  • Working closely with the project manager to plan, implement, and execute projects
  • Analyzing and documenting business processes and systems
  • Identifying ways to boost productivity in the organization

9. Technical Project Manager

Average salary in Alaska: $78,750

USA job growth outlook 2020-2030: Average (5% to 10%)

Technical project managers play a large role in planning projects from start to finish. They ensure people complete their assigned tasks in order to reach major milestones, so that the project can be delivered on time and within budget.

IT project managers spend a lot of their time in meetings (e.g., stakeholder meetings to gather project requirements, regular status meetings, and quality improvement meetings).

Other responsibilities include:

  • Handling vendor communications
  • Project reviews
  • Writing status reports
  • Running RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs
  • Managing and avoiding scope creep
  • Preparing work schedules according to budgets and deadlines
  • Quality assurance
  • Identifying ways to improve processes and procedures
  • Figuring out and managing risk

10. Computer Programmer

Average salary in Alaska: $92,390

USA job growth outlook 2020-2030: -10% (Decline)

Although the job outlook for computer programmers within the United States is expected to be on the decline, the position still shows promise within the state of Alaska.

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Alaska’s nonmetropolitan area has the third-highest concentrations of computer programmer jobs compared to any other nonmetropolitan area in the USA.

Programming involves a lot of coding. Programmers work closely with developers, turning their specifications into code. Programmers are commonly confused with developers, but programmers focus more solely on code, while developers focus on code in addition to many more responsibilities.

A picture of code on a laptop from a computer programmer in Alaska

Securing an IT job in Alaska from out of state

When looking to move to Alaska for an IT job, here’s one important thing to consider: Employers have faced their fair share of almost-hires who change their mind at the last second or shortly after moving.

Many people dream of moving to Alaska, but the extreme winters prove to be too much once here. For this reason, it looks good for employers if you’ve already visited Alaska and have an idea of what to expect.

Tips for graduates or those looking for a career change

Other entry-level IT jobs in Alaska that haven’t made our list include senior network administrator, help desk, computer network architect, and computer systems analyst. If you’re a recent graduate, it’s also a good idea to consider going to job fairs within Alaska.

Good news. We’re hiring!

Ampersand is one of Alaska’s leading IT consulting firms based in Anchorage, with another location in Fairbanks — and we’re hiring for over a handful of positions!

Whether you’re looking to continue your IT career in Alaska, change careers, or are early in your career, we have a variety of positions available. Visit our careers page to check out our openings.